Editing Services

  • I offer professional, in-depth and high-quality editing services in English to academics and post-graduate students in all disciplines. My objective is to help you improve the content and written quality of your work -- research reports, conference papers, journal articles, book essays, post-graduate dissertations, doctoral theses -- prior to submission for publication or evaluation for degree purposes, to make sure they are error free and that ideas are expressed concisely and logically, thus producing top-quality scientific output.

  • Documents from business companies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) -- promotional literature, customer leaflets, end-user manuals, information materials, programme and annual reports -- can be edited and re-written (if necessary, retaining the precise meaning) in order to make them concise, clear, effective, and reader-friendly. By working closely together, I can achieve the correct emphasis and tone for all materials to convey your message to your customer/client or stakeholder base, using your specifications and in a language to suit your particular product or service.
  • I also offer editing services to freelance authors for book texts, and short story and magazine article manuscripts.
  • You may rest assured that a high premium is placed on confidentiality. So whether you’re doing ground-breaking scholarly analysis or working on commercially sensitive data, your manuscript or text submitted for editing services will be treated in the strictest confidence.
  • No two projects are the same in size or complexity and, therefore, editing fees are tailored individually to each job and agreed with you in advance (for general fee structure and rates, see details below).
  • I will assist you to get the best out of your work – from elementary spelling and grammar checking to substantive editing, Africore Editing Services is tailored to your individual needs.