Africore Conference Co-ordination

Start-Up Activities

  • Initial meeting with conference organising committee to decide on the range of speakers, subjects to be addressed, and to discuss all matters surrounding arrangements for the conference
  • Contact all speakers, in liaison with the conference organisers, to get written confirmation of their participation
  • Initial contact by e-mail (conference ‘teaser’) with all prospective conference delegates
  • Drawing up of initial itemised budget, covering all envisaged conference expenditures (budgeted costs)

Continuous Activities

  • Regular follow-up e-mails (to initial ‘teasers’) to all delegates providing more information on conference content, registration fees, accommodation options, etc
  • Sending and receiving of all e-mails and telephonic communications (land-line and cellular) pertaining to conference matters
  • Regular follow-up meetings with Conference Organising Committee to report back on, and monitor progress with, conference arrangements
  • Regular e-mail or telephonic contact with Conference Organising Committee Chairperson and/or other committee members (as required)

Pre-Conference Arrangements

  • Liaise with conference centre management for the correct set-up of auditorium, registration tables and help desk, and display area
  • Liaise with catering division regarding the provision of teas/coffees/juices/snacks, lunch menus, and special function (cocktail or dinner) menu
  • Inspect all audio-visual and electronic equipment to be utilised during conference proceedings
  • Arrange for media coverage of conference
  • Issue pre-conference press statement
  • Welcoming letter to all conference delegates in conference folders providing general information regarding the conference, including contact telephone/cellular phone numbers for help desk

Conference Venue Arrangements

  • Conference venue: including all refreshments (teas/coffees, juices, snacks and lunches)
  • Set-up of all necessary audio-visual and electronic equipment
  • Handling of all registrations on first day of conference (also late registrations), plus the following 5 items, below:
    - Name Tags
    - Document Folders
    - Final Conference Programme
    - Conference Material
    - Note Pads & Pens
  • Special Function (cocktail or dinner)
  • Provide a help desk and message service during course of conference
  • A personnel complement will be available for the duration of the conference to guarantee the smooth flow of proceedings, to handle any emergencies, and to see to the reasonable needs and requirements of all delegates
  • Assistance to delegates with accommodation needs (if required)
  • Assistance to delegates with transport needs (if required)
  • Assistance with foyer displays for sponsoring companies

Conference Speakers

  • Flight and accommodation bookings for speakers from abroad and South African, out-of-town speakers
  • Transport for aforementioned speakers from airport upon arrival, and to airport upon departure
  • Accommodation for other local speakers (if required)
  • Honoraria for speakers
  • Thank-you letters, on behalf of conference host, post-conference

Conference Programme

  • Planning and finalisation of conference programme in liaison with the Conference Organising Committee
  • Printing of final conference programme
  • Acknowledgement of support from sponsors on conference programme

Financial Responsibilities

  • Handling of all registrations
  • Issuing of pro forma or tax invoices
  • Banking of conference fees
  • Presentation of a revised and an interim budget, detailing any expenditure variances
  • Payment of all accounts, and handling of all other financial aspects pertaining to arrangements for the conference
  • Presentation of final financial statements, detailing actual expenditures

Professional Fee

  • Conference co-ordination services are provided at a professional fee of 15 percent of total conference registration fees. Travel costs will be added to this basic fee.